News Release > Entergy New Orleans announces clean energy partnership with Feed the Second Line to empower N.O.

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Entergy New Orleans announces clean energy partnership with Feed the Second Line to empower N.O.


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Entergy New Orleans is proud to announce its partnership with Feed the Second Line’s Get Lit, Stay Lit clean energy initiative. Entergy New Orleans’ contribution of $250,000 will fuel the organization’s mission of creating a robust safety net for local artists that prioritizes environmental resilience, renewable energy and community empowerment.

“We are thrilled to announce Entergy New Orleans’ partnership with Feed the Second Line on its groundbreaking clean energy initiative, Get Lit, Stay Lit,” stated Deanna Rodriguez, president and CEO of Entergy New Orleans. “This partnership underscores our commitment to resiliency, renewable energy and to what makes our city so special – the people.”

Founded in 2021, FTSL, is a New Orleans-based nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting and supporting the city’s vibrant culture-bearers, including Black Masking Indians, musicians, baby dolls and visual artists. Under the visionary leadership of Executive Director Tinice Williams, FTSL is pleased to acknowledge its partnership with Entergy New Orleans. The groundbreaking project, Get Lit, Stay Lit, is an initiative that promotes clean, renewable energy by transforming local restaurants into community hubs during crises such as hurricanes, flooding and heatwaves.

The Get Lit, Stay Lit project empowers local restaurants to adopt sustainable energy practices by installing microgrids. Most importantly, the project creates economic and job training opportunities in the solar industry for culture-bearers, contributing to the cultural and economic resilience of the community. Central to this initiative is Beanlandia, a community hub located in the Bywater area. Developed in collaboration with the Krewe of Red Beans, Beanlandia is set to be a solar-powered micro-hub that will strengthen community resilience during hurricanes and heatwaves.

"Entergy New Orleans plays a critical role in making our communities more resilient to the effects of climate change,” stated Williams. “Entergy New Orleans is an important leader that can make our communities safer, more equitable and more resilient.”

Feed the Second Line continues to champion environmental stewardship and community support through initiatives like Get Lit, Stay Lit and looks forward to a brighter, more sustainable future for New Orleans.