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Entergy Mississippi implodes remainder of Rex Brown Steam Electric Station


Rex Brown Steam Electric Station
Rex Brown Steam Electric Station

Natural gas power plant served the company’s customers for 71 years

JACKSON, Miss. – It was the end of an era the morning of Thursday, July 28. That’s when Entergy Mississippi imploded the remainder of the Rex Brown Steam Electric Station, a natural gas-fired plant that served the company’s customers for 71 years.

The controlled implosion was the final stage of the demolition of the generating facility, named for a former Mississippi Power & Light Company president. Entergy retired the plant in 2019 as part of a process to modernize its generating portfolio. In an effort to be a good corporate citizen, the company is removing all traces of the decommissioned plant. Crews have been removing chemicals and equipment, disconnecting power sources and dismantling outlying structures from its prominent site on Jackson’s Northside Drive.

At peak capacity, the Rex Brown plant could generate 676,000 kilowatts of electricity.

“Rex Brown played a crucial role in Entergy being able to meet its obligation to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy to our customers,” said Haley Fisackerly, Entergy Mississippi president and CEO. “But as newer, cleaner technologies emerged and the plant neared the end of its useful life, it was time to retire Rex Brown and focus on modernizing our grid to make it even more reliable and resilient for customers now and in the future.”

The land that the plant sat on is Entergy-owned property and will be held by the company for future use. The land that the cooling pond is on is 16th section property owned by Jackson Public Schools. Entergy leased the property and will return it to JPS in its original state, per JPS’ request.

Entergy Mississippi has been in operation for nearly 100 years. During that time, the company has owned and operated many natural gas-fired generating plants, as well as Grand Gulf Nuclear Station. As the older plants, such as Rex Brown, reached the end of their natural lives the company has taken steps to replace their generating capacity:

  • Sunflower Solar Station. In May, construction was complete on a 100-megawatt renewable solar power station in the Mississippi Delta. It will provide clean energy to Entergy Mississippi’s 461,000 customers.
  • EDGE. “Economic Development with Green Energy” is a program announced last year that will replace some aging natural gas plants with 1,000 megawatts of renewable energy, such as solar, over the next five years. The program’s strategy is two-fold: give Mississippi an edge in recruiting industry while also giving Entergy customers a hedge against volatile natural gas prices. It will be the largest expansion of renewable power in state history.
  • Choctaw Generating Station. Entergy purchased this clean, modern 810-megawatt combined-cycle natural gas turbine unit in 2019.
  • MISO. Entergy joined the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, a regional transmission organization, in 2013. MISO operates sophisticated markets for the purchase and sale of electricity, and membership has resulted in tens of millions of dollars in savings to Entergy Mississippi customers to date as well as increased reliability.
  • Grand Gulf Nuclear Station. In 2012, Entergy upgraded its nuclear plant to increase its output of power to more than 1,440 megawatts and purchased additional output from Entergy Arkansas. The company also won approval to extend the license to operate the plant through 2044.
  • Hinds Energy Facility. Entergy purchased this clean, modern 450-megawatt combined-cycle natural gas turbine unit in 2012.

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