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Women in Nuclear: Jinny Moceri


Nuclear energy plays an important role in both our economies and our nation’s clean energy future. At Entergy, we own, operate, support and provide management services to a national fleet of reactors in eight locations in the United States. We employ more than 6,000 employees across our nuclear operations, and we’re committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce. In a new series, we’ll be spotlighting some of the women who work at our Palisades Power Plant in Covert, Michigan, which provides enough energy to power about 800,000 homes. 

Jinny Moceri, Nuclear Shift Manager

"I always wanted to be an engineer, working for a utility, bringing a necessity to the public. I believe it's a very honorable endeavor to provide power to the state of Michigan. And at Palisades, I can bring that power to the public while protecting the environment of the state we all share. That’s why Palisades is the perfect place to work.

"Every day, I can spend a few minutes looking at Lake Michigan. The people who work here are brilliant, funny and caring. I’m so lucky to live in a beautiful state and work in an environment of kindness and generosity. If you have an opportunity to apply at Palisades, don’t consider it, do it. I've never been treated any differently than anyone else who works here because I'm a woman, and this job has been incredibly fulfilling. I've been able to be part of evolutions which are never the same and always interesting and challenging.

"I started working at Palisades in September of 1989. I'm an electrical engineer who also has a senior reactor operator’s license to operate the plant. I'm qualified to the highest level as a senior reactor operator (SRO), being a qualified shift manager. I’m the most senior shift manager on the site. I work as the plant’s "Fix It Now" SRO, and in my spare time, I work on-shift to fill vacancies for the on-shift SROs. I assist in planning and scheduling our refueling outages, and I validate license examinations for our training department. 

"I started at Palisades as an electrical and instrument and control design engineer. I was trained by the plant to become an SRO, and I've worked on-shift as a shift engineer, control room supervisor and shift manager. I’ve also been a work control center supervisor. "

Nuclear generation is an important source of large-scale, clean, reliable, stable, affordable and virtually emission-free energy. At Entergy, we continue to invest in our nuclear generation assets to maximize their output and ensure safe, reliable operation. If you’re interested in joining Jinny as she powers life for our customers, check out our nuclear job openings