Insights > Phillip May: Forging a path towards grid resilience (The Advocate)

Phillip May: Forging a path towards grid resilience (The Advocate)


With the recent approval by the Louisiana Public Service Commission of the initial phase of our comprehensive resilience plan, Entergy Louisiana is poised to usher in a new era of grid reliability and economic prosperity.

The foundation of our resilience plan, which was originally filed with the LPSC over 16 months ago, lies in a proactive approach to grid modernization, guided by data-driven insights and a commitment to delivering maximum value to our customers. Beyond mitigating storm-related disruptions, our vision encompasses broader benefits, including enhanced everyday reliability of electric service and streamlined operational efficiencies.

Our resilience plan is a proactive approach that will help bring more of our electric infrastructure up to higher standards, keep pace with Mother Nature and protect what matters most — customers, homes and businesses within the communities we serve. Although we have been building resilience into our power grid for years, we must accelerate those efforts now in light of the reality that storms are becoming more frequent and severe.

By strategically investing in grid hardening projects, we anticipate significant cost savings for customers over the long term. These savings extend beyond storm restoration expenses by minimizing economic disruptions and helping businesses and residents get back on their feet sooner.

Phase one of our resilience plan includes a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from transmission line enhancements to distribution system upgrades.

Addressing concerns about affordability, we recognize the importance of balancing resilience with cost-effectiveness. While initial investments may result in modest bill adjustments, starting at 57 cents per month for a typical residential customer, the long-term benefits — both in terms of cost savings and enhanced quality of life — far outweigh the associated costs.

Entergy Louisiana's resilience plan represents more than just infrastructure upgrades — it's a testament to our unwavering dedication to the communities we serve.


president and CEO, Entergy Louisiana

Guest column originally published in the April 29, 2024, edition of The Advocate.

Phillip May
President and CEO, Entergy Louisiana