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Mi Historia: Melanie Fite on resiliency and driving excellence


Melanie Fite shares how she overcomes obstacles and empower others through life’s journey as a Latina born and raised in Mexico

I learned at a young age what it takes to be resilient. At 19, I moved to the United States and began taking college-level classes for the first time in a new language. The move felt both heart-breaking and intimidating, as I felt I was leaving people behind and didn’t know what was ahead. Looking back, moving was the best thing that happened to me. The perspective I gained from understanding two different cultures is immensely valuable in realizing why each of us are different and how our differences become our strength.

Where I come from, many people struggle just to find enough food to eat every day. Here in the United States, survival is less of an issue, but the daily home and work demands are high. On top of that, the performance that is required from people across the workforce, especially women, can be overwhelming. However, I find that focusing on things that I can control keeps me balanced. Prioritizing daily work tasks and family requirements are key, but it’s also important to prioritize time for myself.

Being a working woman and being Latino has its challenges, but I’ve never felt held back by either. Instead, I focus on my advantages:

  • I have an excellent education in my field.
  • I have a supportive husband with whom I raise my lovely girls.
  • I have amazing team members who are professionals supporting me and our company drive excellence.
  • And personally, I love people, leading teams, finding long-term solutions to the way we work, and sharing everyday life with my Entergy team.

Something I learned from my parents is to do the best I can with my time and resources amid seemingly adverse circumstances. Their principles on resiliency and drive for excellence has inspired me personally and professionally throughout my life.

So, here I am working for Entergy as a senior manager. Certainly, there are challenges to work through personally and professionally, but I feel like I’ve trained my whole life for this.

I am ready to take on any challenge and know that going though it will prepare me for the next one.

Texas Editorial Team