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Entergy Mississippi storm update – 4/14/24, 9 a.m.


We thank you for your patience while we restored your power as a result of storms that began April 9. Restoration is complete and electrical power has been restored to all customers who can safely receive power.

Crews replaced 359 poles and cross arms, 74 transformers, and 47 miles of downed wire during this restoration event.

In all, Entergy Mississippi restored service to over 85,500 customers following the severe weather event.

If your power is not restored, please check for damage to the electrical equipment attached to your home or business. If your electrical equipment sustained damage, these items must be repaired by a qualified electrician before Entergy can restore. Permits may be required. Learn more about the electrical equipment that serves your home by visiting

If your power is out and your electric equipment appears undamaged, call 1-800-9OUTAGE, 1-800-968-8243. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and again appreciate your patience and cooperation as our crews safely restored power during this weather event. Thank you also for being a valued Entergy Mississippi customer.

Mississippi Editorial Team