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Entergy Louisiana and Entergy New Orleans power positive impacts


Community engagement and civic responsibility are fundamental to the culture of Entergy Louisiana and Entergy New Orleans. With a steadfast dedication to giving back, employees’ volunteer efforts are making a tangible difference in the lives of those around them.

Volunteerism throughout Louisiana has risen consecutively, with 2023 marking a significant milestone. Combined, Entergy Louisiana and Entergy New Orleans volunteers dedicated more than 53,000 hours to various community projects, generating an economic value of $1.7 million. This uptick from the previous year’s represents a growing spirit of civic engagement and demonstrates a commitment to amplifying our impact within the community we serve.

“We are immensely proud of our team’s volunteer efforts,” said Nyka Scott, Entergy New Orleans’ vice president of customer service. “Their work reflects the importance of giving back to the communities we serve and underscores the company’s values.

She added, “Participating in our volunteer programs enriches our community, strengthens our bond as a team and drives positive change within and beyond Entergy New Orleans.”

One of the most remarkable aspects of the company’s volunteer initiatives is its expansive reach spanning across our Louisiana footprint. From time-honored organizations like The Salvation Army and United Way to grassroots movements such as Bike Easy NOLA and Feeding the Needy Ministry, volunteers are making a deep and meaningful impact where it is needed the most. These volunteers also support cultural and environmental initiatives through their work with organizations like Ducks Unlimited supporting wetland restoration throughout the state and the Audubon Nature Institute, enriching the community's cultural landscape and preserving its rich heritage.

“Here at Entergy, our employees go beyond simply providing power; they're dedicated to serving their communities," explained Jody Montelaro, vice president of public affairs in Louisiana. "While you'll often see us working on our infrastructure along local roadways, we're equally passionate about supporting local nonprofits, such as food pantries, and even volunteering our time to assist customers with their taxes."

He emphasized, “For us, community means being there for our friends, neighbors and those in need. At Entergy, we take pride in being more than just a utility provider; we're active members of the community, committed to ensuring the places we call home are healthy and vibrant.”

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