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Entergy launches electric vehicle podcast, Your EV Power Source


Knowledge is power. That’s why we’re launching a six-part podcast series called Your EV Power Source to debunk common electric vehicle myths and keep you informed. In each episode, Entergy Electric Mobility Portfolio Manager Scott Barrios and KeyString Labs Lead Product Manager Amy Flower will sit down with industry experts and enthusiasts to offer practical tips for customers considering going electric.

How to listen

The first two installments of Your EV Power Source are now available on the Entergy eMobility website as well as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for real-time notifications as we release future episodes.

What to expect

In the first episode, Barrios and Flower are joined by Louisiana Clean Fuels Executive Director Ann Vail to debunk the myth that EVs don’t have enough range for daily travel. Louisiana Clean Fuels is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that strives to build partnerships with local and statewide organizations in the public and private sectors to adopt alternative and renewable fuels, idle reduction measures, fuel economy improvements and new transportation technologies as they emerge. What you’ll learn:

  • Several states across the country have started awarding funds to build EV charging stations along travel corridors through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program.
  • Free interactive tools like electric mobility calculators can give you insight into potential operational savings and emissions reductions you could expect by going electric.

In the second episode, Barrios and Flower are joined by My Next Electric and Night Shift Bikes Founder Matt Candler to debunk the myth that EVs aren’t practical and only come in sedans. My Next Electric is a community of people curious about EVs, and Night Shift Bikes is an EV design studio in New Orleans. Candler started building electric motorcycles in 2006, and now he is helping other people go electric. What you’ll learn:

  • EVs have fewer moving parts and typically require less maintenance than conventional vehicles.
  • As EV adoption has grown, so has the availability of a variety of models, including trucks, SUVs, minivans, buses, bikes, boats and sedans.

Learn more

Looking at purchasing an EV? Use our free cost savings calculator and learn more about the benefits of driving an EV. You may also be eligible to receive an incentive for purchasing EV charging infrastructure — learn more about the EV offerings available in your area.

Kaelen Delaune
Communications Specialist II